Estimating expenses for sturge slurry leave

If you head to Sturgis for the Black Hills Rally and Sturgis South Dakota race, how much does it cost to travel to Black Hills? As with all vacations, it is always best to have a budget and plan your trip based on your budget. With that in mind, here is a general cost estimate related to a vacation to Sturgis South Dakota for a motorcycle rally.

Accommodation or camping:

Finding hotels near Sturgis during the rally week is very difficult. If you can find a hotel room, expect to pay about $ 300-400 per night in a Super 8 type room. If you are camping, you will usually have 15 days of space to cover for the time before and after the Sturgis rally. This ranges from $ 100 to $ 175 per camper that uses a tent site. If you have an RV, you will be charged $ 400 for 30 amps and $ 450 for 50 amps. Many campsites also charge a fee per camper, so add $ 100-175 again. You can rent a house for about $ 2500.00.


Riding a motorcycle clearly consumes a significant amount of gasoline. Usually you get about 25 miles per gallon, so to calculate the gasoline cost, you would consider $ 12 per 100 miles. Take a distance with Sturgis and watch daily riding. When you tour around Black Hills, you usually ride about 300 miles per day. So for me, 1200 miles for round trips to Sturgis and 900 miles for touring give me a fuel cost of $ 252.00. Of course, if you want to trail a motorcycle, you need to adjust the cost of the MPG that the truck, car, or RV gets.


Many of the foods you eat are fast in nature. You will eat a lot of fair and diner foods. It would be fair to estimate $ 15 to $ 30 per day for food [without alcohol], depending on where you eat.


If you want to party, you can expect to spend a lot on alcohol. If you buy beer at a bar or campsite concert, such as a concert or soccer match, you can pay between $ 6 and $ 7 per chip of beer. So how much do you drink? Take that number of beers and multiply by $ 7 to get an estimate. Some campsites can save money by providing cheap coolers and ice and buying beer for each case.

Total travel expenses for Sturgis:

So, for two riders on a 5-day trip from the Midwest, the cost estimate I thought is: Tent camping around Sturgis is $ 300.00. Fuel $ 500.00 for both riders. $ 50 a day for a pair $ 250 and a three-day party $ 180.00. I didn't include souvenirs, but my guess was that this trip for the two riders was about $ 1230.00. As you can see, Sturgis is a very economical vacation, but there are many cost variables that affect the total cost of vacation to the Sturgis rally in Black Hills, South Dakota.